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Shenyang New Industry Co LTD concentrates in research development production marketing and services of mechanical parts made of special alloys It s a professional powder metallurgy and investment casting manufacturer which founded in 2001 It has 15 years experiences in researching and manufacturing power metallurgy and investment casting products in copperand tungsten alloy sliver tungsten alloy metal ceramic nickel alloy and cobalt alloy like stellite alloy etc So far Shenyang XGR has attracted more than 50 countries customers in America Canada Germany Sweden Italy Denmark India New Zealand Australia and many other countries and regions by reliable qualities professional service and cost...

Categories and Products

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Bushings

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Fiberglass Cutter Blade

Cobalt Alloy Hot Extrusion Dies

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Saw Tips

API VII Series Valve Seat And Ball

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Valve Cage

The Stator And The Rotor

Dental Soft Alloys

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Impeller

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Valve Seat

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Sealing Ring

Thermocouple Protection Tube

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Nozzle

Cobalt Chromium Alloy Rod

Cobalt Chromium Alloy Tube

Cobalt Chromium Alloy Sheet

Spinning Plate

Copper Tungsten Alloy

Silver Tungsten Alloy

Grinding Wheel

Stainless Steel

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